Unable to express my words to any one!

To the senders of all my unread or ‘seen’ messages on facebook /Whatsapp, to all the missed calls which I never returned, to unread emails and victim of broken promises of meeting you.
If you ask me why haven’t I been replying to you;
I’ll tell you I’ve been busy.
But I lie to you.
It’s just the unwillingness to respond, to get into a conversation.
I still do not activate Facebook. Because deactivation is a means of escape.
But there is no escape.
I want to tell you that am around and alive and not ignoring you.
I just don’t want to answer you.
I have begun to like the kind of silence, I’ve been started living with.
I have been sick. Not Physically.
I have been sad.
I still am.
Not sad anymore maybe.
But unwell.
These words could’ve been a sad poem, but am unwilling to think.
That is what is sick.
I might respond each of you tomorrow. Or may be never.
So don’t wait for me.
No I don’t hate you.
I haven’t forgotten you.
Sometimes I even miss you.
So don’t start a conversation with me because it will upset you.
Bye..Bye.. (‘._.)


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