I’m not proud about celebrating this day, know Why?
It’s a matter of shame for me.
Government is taking its own steps but what are we doing?
Why the sex ratio is declining more and more as we are developing more.
We saw A mother killing her own cute daughter in my city. The same mother is so caring to her boy child.
A girl child is not a sin, she’s your own blood, she too can make you proud, she too can serve you better, she too can be with you life long, She’s no less than a boy if you trust her capabilities.
If you can’t accept her atleast Let her live, she might become someone else’s Angel. If You’re killing a girl child you are killing two generations together.
What could be more sinful than this?
In that country where each female goddess whom you never seen is worshipped that devotedly, you are killing the goddess who in realtime is coming in your life, what could be more shameful than this?
We don’t need to raise funds for daughters, we need to change our mentality, others mentality.
The era we are living in highly demands for change.
Don’t step back from opposing the wrong, it’s a question of someone’s life.
And if you do, you too will become a murderer.‪
#‎ActForHumanity ‬‪#‎ActForChange


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