Dear all girls, stay safe.

It’s has been 4 years and still no justice. ​Even today, Humanity dies a silent death on a daily basis. Nothing has changed, neither the number of rapes nor the mentality.


9 thoughts on “#Nirbhaya

  1. I appreciate few people here have a decent mentality for girls. I am disappointed that my country is called a land of traditions , culture but where does respect for women go in some eyes? I am afraid today each and every female I meet feels that insecurity while roaming on the streets of Delhi. Damini’s horrifying case has not yet got any justice. The once juvenile is now an adult who is definitely not rehabilitated! He is roaming free in country. Why does the mens rea is not taken into strict consideration? Why only the actus reus bailed? Small mentality , it maynot change , afterall sexual energy is the highest form of energy on earth! Its not only the males but the females are also included who need to change their mental status. I cannot expect anything from these swine levelled politicians. Eternal its going to be. Still a little hope left maybe that gets funished too. Anyways , thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope you are having a good day!

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  2. I really appreciate this vikas because few of the men shows some respect to girls in this way!incidents like this are really a blackmark to the country which is never going to change untill the poeple change first! talking about the justice here is really like speakinh about shit!thanks for your concern to women vikas! appreciate a lot🙂

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