Separatists, are you listening?

Mr. Ehsan Asgar, lives in poonch district of Jammu & Kashmir and want to live in India as Islam says –

जिस मुल्क में पैदा हुए हो उस मुल्क से कभी गद्दारी नहीं करनी चाहिए !

He breaks down after selection in INDIAN IDOL TOP 40 CONTESTANT & says I love India. He has decided to take the charge of their life and not the separatists use them for their selfish motives.

#KashmirLovesIndia #KashmirIsIndia



4 thoughts on “Separatists, are you listening?

      1. Yes , Plebiscite! It is a sought of direct vote for a public opinion. That is what the United nations organisation gave this solution (plebiscite) and the only solution to solve this Kashmir issue. It has not yet been taken into consideration and no one know when it will be.

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