Question no. 6

“Love your neighbor as yourself”. You do this ? Do you think it’s possible ?


22 thoughts on “Question no. 6

  1. Certainly not.. I don’t think it’s possible to love “anyone” as yourself.. maybe only the purest forms of love towards a parent or a child would be relatable but neighbours! Hell no!
    P’s :- they are loud and annoying too! 😐

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      1. I get it.. I do respect them and accept them for who they are.. despite of whatever flaws that don’t impress me. But isn’t loving them as loving ourself too extreme!? πŸ˜„
        .. I mean you’d be mad hungry and buy yourself a pizza.. If im your neighbour and was hungry would you buy me one too? πŸ˜ŒπŸ•


      2. Hahahaha ..πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

        But of course..
        I would definitely buy you two pizza πŸ• and a bottle of Coke…

        If you are not impressed with your neighbors flaws..
        love them from a distance..
        they don’t have to affect in no way..
        It’s just who they are…

        You are a pizza πŸ• lover…
        not everyone is going to approve of that..
        I.. for instance.. don’t like pizza πŸ•.. uuggh…

        But I will buy you pizza πŸ•.. and watch you enjoy 😊 eating it

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      3. Hahahaha.. that would be so so Kool..

        And so you know..
        I have quite a few pizza πŸ• places surrounding my neighborhood..,
        Easy access to the love of your life…

        Pizza πŸ• anyone??????

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